The next generation eco-friendly mobile game.

The Mobile Game

Transform your sorting gesture into an engaging game! Scan recyclable products near sorting bins to accumulate “PLC Climate Fight points,” participate in tournaments, personalize your avatar, and explore an interactive map to locate recycling bins. Become an agent of change while having fun.

The Sort & Earn Token

Our blockchain ecosystem ensures transparency and traceability of in-game transactions. ERC20 Sort & Earn Tokens are key to your experience, whether for in-game purchases, rewards, or even to influence community governance . Through PlasticApp, blockchain invites you to join a decentralized ecosystem focused on environmental responsibility and a cleaner future for all.

A society is defined not only by what it creates but also by what it refuses to destroy.

John C. Sawhill

The Plastic Force

Meet the squad !

Jacques Battini


Co-Founder. commander-in-chief

Marc-albert Lortscher

Déveloper Full-Stack

Co-Founder. commander

François Le Page

Financial advisor

Co Founder. Colonel

Mathieu Istria

developer web3

Co-Founder. Commander

Cédric Pennachio

architect web3

Co-Founder. Commander

Our Partners

High-fives to our eco-squad partners !

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